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Where Will Big Money Be Made in Climate Tech?

By [email protected] As investment pours into climate tech, it’s true that a rising tide lifts all boats. But in markets — especially fast-changing markets, like batteries, hydrogen, carbon capture, just to name a few — those boats don’t all get the same lift. Certain parts of the value chain, from upstream mining or manufacturing to…

An Island’s Path to 100% Renewables

By [email protected] The grid of the future lies 850 miles off the coast of Portugal, on an island in the Azores called Graciosa. The island has always been dependent on fossil fuels. But in 2018, that changed. That’s when a group of developers kicked off a hybrid wind-solar-battery storage power plant to slash diesel consumption….

Greentech Media Bids Farewell

By [email protected] This is my last article at Greentech Media. Thank you all, and look for me on Twitter @jeffsaintjohn to keep in touch. * * * Greentech Media closes its doors this week. But the energy transformation it’s been chronicling for the past 14 years is just getting started. Since its 2007 founding, this…

Shell Bets on Batteries for Ultra-Fast EV Charging

By [email protected] Shell will trial a battery-backed ultra-fast charging system at a Dutch filling station, with tentative plans to adopt the format more widely to ease the grid pressures likely to come with mass-market electric vehicle adoption. By boosting the output of the chargers from the battery, the impact on the grid is dramatically reduced….

Spain Puts European Recovery Funds Into Electric Car Push

By [email protected] Spain’s first payout of coronavirus recovery funds will target clean transportation, with a still-in-development plan to create a domestic industrial supply chain for electric vehicles and their supporting battery manufacturing capacity. A public-private partnership for battery manufacturing in Catalonia is the first strategic project within the Spanish recuperation, transformation and resilience plan, Spain’s…

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