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Solar-powered microbes to feed the world?

An international research team has shown that using solar-panels to produce microbial protein — which is rich not just in proteins but also in other nutrients — is more sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly than growing conventional crops. This method uses solar energy, land, nutrients, and carbon dioxide from the air. Read Full Article Here…

Harvesting drinking water from humid air around the clock

Researchers have developed a condenser for countries where water is in short supply. Theirs is a zero-energy solution for harvesting water from the atmosphere throughout the 24-hour daily cycle. It relies on a self-cooling surface and a special radiation shield. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Solar Energy News — ScienceDaily

Nanomaterials with laser printing

An interdisciplinary team presents a laser-driven technology that enables them to create nanoparticles out of materials such as copper, cobalt and nickel oxides. At the usual printing speed, photoelectrodes are produced in this way, for example, for a wide range of applications such as the generation of green hydrogen. Read Full Article Here For more…

Scientists develop transparent electrode that boosts solar cell efficiency

Developing new ultrathin metal electrodes has allowed researchers to create semitransparent perovskite solar cells that are highly efficient and can be coupled with traditional silicon cells to greatly boost the performance of both devices, said an international team of scientists. The research represents a step toward developing completely transparent solar cells. Read Full Article Here…

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